Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keep track of all the good you do!

 You know how good it feels to do things for others - did you know that reminding yourself of those good deeds can bring back that great feeling?  How cool is that? 

I don't mean to suggest that you try and remind others of your good deeds, which I feel is NEVER a good idea, but to write down what you do for others and review it often. 
I had never done this before and read about it somewhere - you won't believe what I found.  I felt good, no GREAT, just reading what I had done.  It not only made me feel GREAT but it made me think of ways to do more.  Doesn't that sound like a Win/Win situation?  How can you loose?  You do something nice for someone else - you make them feel good - you write it down and read it over later - you make yourself feel good and you are encouraged to do more nice things for someone else.....  Sounds like a lot of never-ending goodness to me!


 So, what do you think?  Ready to try it out?