Monday, November 7, 2011

I am definately getting older!

I can certainly tell that I am getting older when it takes me a week to get back to normal after a 2 week vacation.  

But boy did we have a great time.  First of all, John and I got to see our family which is always GREAT!  Then as a Birthday Celebration for John, we headed off to history heaven - Gettysburg.  They say that Gettysburg is the place where history comes alive and I have to tell you that we definitely agree!

We had a wonderful time.  John told me after supper on his Birthday that it was the BEST birthday he could remember.  I was just thrilled.  

On the first day we arrived at Gettysburg, they had scheduled a parade ~ I like to think they were celebrating our arrival.  John on the other hand said it was in celebration of his Birthday of course!  We dined the first night at O'Rorke's Eatery & Spirits.  It was a lovely pub with plenty of atmosphere.  If you get a chance be sure to check them out ~ 

On our second day we were complete history hounds.  We toured, walked, drove and gawked!  We were there 4 days but could definitely have stayed 10 and still had thing we didn't get a chance to see.  

On the evening of John's birthday, I took him to Historic 1776 Dobbin House Tavern where we dined on Primal Rib of Beef.  Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

Well, it took us a while to rest from our fabulous vacation.  Guess what, we are already discussing our next visit to Gettysburg and the things we want to see and do next time!  Maybe we will celebrate my next birthday there!

So, have you ever been to Gettysburg, PA?  What did you think?