Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

For so many years, Labor Day has always been the start of a new year.   Yeah, I haven't forgotten that I am 45 and no longer a school girl, but it still feels that way to me! 

Today I woke up early and if you know me at all that is a HUGE thing for me to do on a day off from work.  And not only did I wake up early, but I had an urge to clean the house and get my things ready for the week.  This must be a throw back from my school days when the first day of school was always the day after Labor Day. 

It must be engrained in me for I felt the urge to "get ready" as soon as I awoke.  I did not even wait for my first cup of coffee to be devoured before starting into my cleaning and organizing mode.  Wow - where has this feeling been hiding?  I truly wish it would come out more often, like every other day maybe...

So, not being one to waste an urge to get something done, I tackled my least favorite chore in the world - the bathroom!  Oh yes, you heard me right, the bathroom!  I was so into this feeling I even thought I could multi-task by starting a load of laundry while cleaning the bathroom, but only after turning on some great 70's music real loud!

With the music blaring and the washer going I tackled the bathroom and how it shines - if I do say so myself! 

But, I did make one mistake.  Can you guess what I did after tackling 2 loads of laundry and making my bathroom absolutely shine?  I made the mistake of sitting down and turning on the computer.  Yes it was a mistake to turn on the computer.  Why? You ask?

 As soon as I got in front of my laptop, I decided I better check my email.  Oh, then I really should check out what everyone is doing on Facebook.  And Twitter, yeah I checked that too!  Then I remembered that I was blogging again and I just better do a quick update to my blog while I had a chance - and guess what happened.  Yep, it is 2 hours later and I am still sitting here on my computer and that wonderful urge I had to clean and organize is slowly but surely turning into an urge to take a nap.  Oh well, at least I got one room done! 

So, how are you spending your Labor day?