Sunday, September 25, 2011

How often do you...?

Clean out your Purse?

It actually took me misplacing my wallet to get me to finally clean my purse out. 

It is never an opportune time to misplace a wallet, but for me I was actually saved by my BFF.  We met for lunch and some chat time on Saturday.  We had a nice long leisurely lunch with plenty of time to get caught up and then......the check comes.  I picked up my check and dug my hand into my Junk Bag purse, I felt around, and around and realized at that moment that I REALLY have too much JUNK in my purse!  I then picked up my Junk Bag purse, set it on my lap and looked in while searching again for my hiding wallet and suddenly realize - it is gone.

Where could it be. I tell Diane that I must have dropped my wallet in the car, I slip out of the restaurant to go and look in my car (all the while wondering if they think I am running out on my bill), NOPE not there either.  So I slowly walk back into the restaurant and ask Diane if she has her credit card (she usually pays with cash) and of course she does and of course she also says SURE to covering not only my meal but shopping after! 

Whew, was I lucky.  All I could think about is what if this had happened when she (or Hubby) wasn't with me.  What if I had gotten stopped by a police officer and had no license. 

Then I realize that I have NO idea where my wallet is.  My mind starts racing over the last 48 hours and when did I actually have the wallet.  After much review I narrowed it down to "it must be at work".  I am almost sure that I had it Friday.  As I think this - I have that twinge of doubt - did I really have it on Friday?

As soon as Diane and I were finished with Lunch and Shopping (with Diane paying of course - Thanks again Diane!) I headed to my office to see if I could find my wallet.  And of course as soon as I walk into the place - everyone needs me for one reason or another.  It actually took my 30 minutes to even get to my office.  And low and behold there it was - my wallet laying in the drawer where I keep my purse each and every day.  I guess I was just too excited to get home on Friday that I didn't even notice that it had fallen out of my purse and was still in the drawer when I left. 

So, I just spent a good hour cleaning and organizing both my purse and work bag.  NO MORE JUNK BAG! 

So how was your weekend?

My weekend was definitely better AFTER I found my wallet! 

How often do you clean out you purse?  (I will be cleaning mine more often now!)


Susan G said... [Reply to comment]

I am ashamed to say that I only clean it out when I am going somewhere that I a) need to fly or b) need to move some items from the purse to some other bag. My worst problem is I throw all the receipts down in there!

Alison said... [Reply to comment]

Right now I am sitting in a parking lot waiting for my daughter to get done with SAT tests, I might clean out my purse! I actually carry a purse and a small L.L.bean tote bag. I started to carry the little totes years ago for my cell phone and the charger. Now I put sunglasses, keys , junk in it, I have to clean that out often.