Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Barker's are battling nasty colds

I think we are passing this doozy of a cold back and forth to each other.  Did I mention that I do not have time to be sick?  I have things to do.  I finally get a few days off from work and what happens - I get sick.  Not only do I get sick, but John gets sick.  This is absolutely NO fun.  It is looking like I will need a vacation from my few days off.  John and I have been home since Christmas Day and have not been out of the house except for one of us braving the short walk to the mailbox.  Can you believe that I actually exhausted myself just walking to the mailbox?  I am ready for this to be over!

I am sure that STRESS has nothing to do with being sick - again.  If you Google "stress and health" you get 83 million results that prove that stress effects your immune system and therefore your overall health.  It stands to reason that if I get a handle on my stress, my health will be better.  And if my health is better I won't have to worry about these darn colds I keep getting.  Sounds like a good New Year's Resolution, what do you think?

Hmm, it is that time of year isn't it - I am going to have to think about my resolutions this year.  I know I MUST do something about stress this year.


Susan G said... [Reply to comment]

I hope you all are feeling much better. It is no fun being sick!

Alison said... [Reply to comment]

Hello, hope you are getting better. can you email me your address so I can send it for the coupon and congratulations on the giveaway win!