Monday, October 18, 2010

Why do I blog?

I have been asked by several people recently about why I blog. 

This is something I had to think about ~ mainly because why I started blogging and why I have continued to blog are two different things. 

Here is my attempt to share with you why it is that I blog. 

     1.  First and foremost, I blog for fun.
     2.  It improves my writing skills.  I am great at writing business proposals and financial and procedural policies, but by blogging it helps with my impromptu writing skills.
     3.  As a major list writer, blogging actually gives me another outlet for getting my ideas written down.
     4.  To keep my friends and family updated on the daily activities of the Barker household.
     5.  I enjoy working with HTML code and learning about new things.
     6.  Blogging helps me to be more informed about social networking for both business and personal use.
     7.  I may inspire someone to be kinder, we are always in need of more kindness in this world.
     8.  It is a wonderful outlet to share items that I find interesting.

I would love to know:

Why do you blog?   
Why do you read blogs?



Susan G said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Debbie! I like to read blogs mostly because it helps me keep in touch with my friend's lives in a more in-depth way than Facebook or other social media can provide.

I am currently blogging so that I can share my experiences with transitioning from a corporate job to owning my own business. I am very happy that my friends read my blog and hope that maybe it might have something helpful for someone else considering the same transition!

Sharon Henning said... [Reply to comment]

I mainly like reading blogs of people whoe read. I blog for the same reason you do to improve my writing skills. Plus I like analyising what exactly I think about a book.