Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I am currently reading

I have been reading much more lately, in part due to my new digital reader that I wrote about here.

I have found a series of mystery books, the J. P. Beaumont Series, by J. A. Jance that I have just started for some much-needed light reading.  More information on J. A. Jance can be found at      

There are 19 books in the J. P. Beaumont Series

  1. Fire an Ice, Hardcover, William Morrow, 2009, ISBN 0-061-23922-4
  2. Justice Denied, Paper, Harper Suspense, 2008 ISBN 978-0-06-054093-7
  3. Long Time Gone, Papere Avon, 2006 ISBN 0-380-724359 PB
  4. Partner in Crime, Paper, Avon, 2003 ISBN 0-380-80470-0
  5. Birds of Prey, Paper, Avon, 2002 ISBN 0-380-71654-2
  6. Breach of Duty, Paper, Avon, 2000 ISBN 0-380-71483-X
  7. Name Withheld, Paper, Avon, 1997 ISBN 0-380-71842-1
  8. Lying in Wait, Paper, Avon, 1995 ISBN 0-380-71841-3
  9. Failure to Appear, Paper, Avon, 1994 ISBN 0-380-75839-3
  10. Without Due Process, Paper., Avon, 1993 ISBN 0-380-75837-7
  11. Payment in Kind, Avon, 1991. ISBN 0-380-75836-9
  12. Minor in Possession, Avon, 1990. ISBN 0-380-75546-7
  13. Dismissed with Prejudice, Avon, 1989. ISBN 0-380-75547-5
  14. A More Perfect Union, Avon, 1988. ISBN 0-380-75413-4
  15. Improbable Cause, Avon, 1987. ISBN 0-380-75412-6
  16. Taking the Fifth, Avon, 1987. ISBN 0-380-75139-9
  17. Trial by Fury, Avon, 1986. ISBN 0-380-75138-0
  18. Injustice for All, Avon, 1986. ISBN 0-360-89641-9
  19. Until Proven Guilty, Avon, 1985. ISBN 0-380-89638-9

So far I have read 4 of her books and really enjoy them.  I think the only problem I have had with them is not wanting to put the book down and go to sleep when I read one of her books at bedtime.

I hope you enjoy her books as much as I have!

Are you reading anything interesting?  I would love to know!