Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010 - Day 3

Another great day!

John and I picked up the new bird cage this morning and of course I had to put it together as soon as we got home.  It is beautiful!
They love their new home.  They have been exploring every corner and crevice they can find.  We have placed a nesting box in the bottom corner in hopes that they will have beautiful babies!
Fingers Crossed!

As for the rest of the day - I got to spend it with my BFF - DIANE!  She is getting tired of me posting pictures of her on my blog, so I will refrain this time (and this time only).  I will work on getting some more pictures of Diane for future posts!  We went out to eat at the Far East and then off to the Dollar Tree for a bit of shopping. Thanks Diane for a great evening.  I can't wait till next weekend!

So, tomorrow it is back to work.  I have sure enjoyed having 4 days off in a row - although I didn't get even half of the things I would have liked to have gotten done.  Well, I guess I have my list started for next week.  

Have a great week everyone!