Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Interesting & Productive Day!

Today I went to Portland to an Employment Law Seminar and it was so informative.  I have to admit, most times I have attended trainings or seminars for work they are either very boring or leave much to be desired.  But today was so different.  Some of the Break out sessions I attended were:
  • Health Reform Overview: Understanding the Impacts of this Historic Legislation
  • Social Media: Where Hidden Potential Meets Legal Risk 
  • A View From the Trenches: Reasonable Accommodation Issues 
  • FMLA SOS: Help for the FMLA Weary 
  • Handling the Difficult Discipline or Termination Decisions 
 How refreshing to feel that my time was so well spent!  I am going to watch for more seminars being offered from this company.
On another good note for today.  After the seminar, I went shopping and found some wonderful items.  A beautiful new blouse and leather purse for me and a new dress shirt for John. 
My day has been full of great Surprises!  
I hope you day was just as special - enjoy the rest of your week!