Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tips on Speaking Southern'

I came across some funny information to be used by anyone wanting to understand what a Southerner is actually saying.  These words can also be used in your own everyday conversations to help you sound a bit more southern.  

I had to chuckle over many of these - I hope you enjoy them as much as I did...

  • howdy = hello, hey there. "Howdy, y'all"
  • yonder = over there. "I'm goin' over yonder."
  • fixin' = about to or going to. "I'm fixin' to get somethin' to eat."
  • dinner = lunch, mid-day meal. 
  • supper = evening meal
  • dadgummit = darn! (darnit!). "I burned the fried green tomatahs, dadgummit!"
  • doggone (doggonit) = darn! (same as dadgummit).
  • nearabout = almost. "I nearabout burned the fried green tomatahs."
  • heap = a large quantity. "He's in a heap of trouble."
  • ornery = having an irritable disposition. "She's just plain ornery."
  • tote = carry.
  • piddlin' = small or inferior; or to waste time. "I've just been piddlin' around here waitin' for y'all to get here so we can go eat supper."
  • reckon = to regard or to think of as. "I reckon we can go eat now."
  • right = very, quite. "It's right near time to eat now." "I'm right tired."
  • rile = to make angry or to agitate. "I got all riled up after I burnt those fried green tomatahs."
  • skedaddle = to scatter, to run. "Y'all skedaddle on out of here."
  • tarnation = used to indicate shock, surprise, or displeasure. "What in tarnation is goin' on around here?"
  • uppity = snobby, conceited. "Those new neighbors are a little uppity."
  • Yankee = someone from the north.
  • best = a word thrown into a negative statement. "You best not talk to strangers."
  • youngins or younguns = young people, youths. "All you youngins go play outside."
  • aint = the sister of one of your parents (aunt).
  • buggy = shopping cart.
  • carry = to transport something or someone in a vehicle. "I carried her to the doctor."
  • coke = soda, any brand of soft drink or carbonated beverage.
  • mash = press. "Mash the elevator button."
  • sorry = poor quality, lowlife. "He's just a sorry thing."
  • ugly = rude or discourteous. "Don't be ugly to those uppity neighbors."
  • folks = parents.
I just loved this list!