Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday ~ Monday

Pretty good Monday!

My Aunt Catherine is doing much better.  I spoke with her last night and she sounded good.  Her arm is broken and she has 9 stitches but is not ready to let that get her down.  Thank goodness she did not damage her hip - she just had her hip replaced at the beginning of the summer.

I got to spend all day Sunday with my BFF - Diane!  We went to Portland and out to eat and shopping!  I love spending time with her - it is so nice to be around someone who accepts you just as you are!  Thanks for the great day Diane!  Next time we need to go to the lake for a day of sun before the weather turns cold!

On Saturday, John and I worked on cleaning the barn.  I never thought 2 people could collect so much stuff in 11 years.  We have decided to have a tag sale and get rid of some of the "stuff"!  I think it may take awhile to get everything ready!  Hopefully we can have it ready for a Labor Day weekend sale.  I love thinking that someone could use the items we are no longer using.  Recycle & Reuse!  It is such a great habit to get into. 

I spoke with the Realtor this afternoon.  The couple that looked at the house a week ago are still interested.  He needed some questions answered.  You never know.  We may just sell this place before the snow flies.  John keeps reminding me that we bought this place in January.

Have a GREAT week!