Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A late post on our weekend

John and I had a great weekend.

And so did the dogs.  They got shampoo and cuts at their favorite place - "Top Dog".  Here are a few pictures, and I mean a few since they did not want to stop for pics!
Sassy was least excited to get her picture taken, but she did allow me one quick picture in the car.  Daisy was a bit more cooperative for a few pics.  If they let me take a few more this week I will be sure to post them for you!

Weigh-in was on Saturday.  I am down 26 lbs.  Lost 2 lbs last week - not too shabby.

John and I did very little work on the barn over the weekend - we decided to shop and spend time together instead!  We didn't hear anymore on the sale of the house so we figured that the barn could wait for a rainy day and not waste a beautiful weekend on cleaning.

Friday night I met up with my BFF Diane!!
And her daughter Kristen
Who is just as cute as she can be!  And she told me a secret .......

She is PREGNANT!!!!
She just found out!

Diane is going to be a Grandma again - and I am trying to talk Kristen into letting me be an honorary Aunt.  I am so happy for her and for Diane too!

Hope y'all have a great week.  I will try and update again tomorrow!