Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Picnic & weekend plans

Today from 4-6 PM we had a family picnic at work for all the residents and their families!  I really enjoyed seeing all the residents eating with their families.  I don't always get to see the resident's families and I was impressed with the number that turned out.  It was a wonderful day for a picnic.

Tomorrow being Friday - I get to have supper with my BFF Diane.  I can't wait!  Far East here we come.  It has been almost 2 weeks since we spent a day together - I am so excited!  We will be celebrating her Birthday, 5 days late.  I hope she likes her gift!  I actually bought it for her before she even got home from Florida in May.  I couldn't resist getting it for her as soon as I saw it.  Hope she likes it!

John and I are working on plans for the weekend.  So far all we could come up with was to get the dogs a shampoo and cut.  I will be sure to post some pictures of their new haircuts this weekend.  We always take them to Top Dog - they love the place and we love the wonderful job they do with our dogs!  We HIGHLY recommend them.

So, I guess we will have to spend the rest of the weekend cleaning out the barn.  Yes we have many days worth of work left.  It is hard to believe how much a family can collect in 12 years.  Boy do we have a bunch of stuff. 

Have a GREAT weekend.  I will try and take some pictures this weekend to post!