Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It is a Heat Wave here in Maine

Would you believe that it got to 101 today - yep that is HOT!  It is hard to believe that I still live in Maine with temps like that!

I am still HOT - actually, I have been hot since getting up this morning and haven't really had a chance to cool off yet.  And believe it or not it is predicted to be even hotter tomorrow!  I hope that AC at work - works better tomorrow than it did today!  If not, they may just get one grouchy boss!
On the way home from work (a total of 8 whole miles), I pass 2 swimming holes - actually 1 lake with 2 different places to stop and swim.  I was so tempted to pull to the side of the road and just jump in.  If I was not dressed in my work best - I think I certainly would have just jumped in.

Now doesn't that look refreshing?

This morning on the news, they were asking viewers to email them some "it is so hot..." items.  My favorite was "It is so hot we saw a robin this morning using pot holders to get the worms out of the ground".  It made me laugh! 

Stay cool and enjoy the summer!