Friday, June 4, 2010

The week is finally over!

I find it hard to believe that this week is finally over.  I only worked 4 days due to the holiday, but it felt more like 10 days!  I would like to welcome the weekend!

My nephew is doing GREAT!!!!  He is improving every day!  We are so happy for him!  Also, congratulations JP - graduate of the class of 2010 from Woodrow Wilson High School! Way to go JP!!!

Unfortunately, I have no update on my Aunt Catherine.  She never called me to let me know she was released from the rehabilitation facility after we had talked about it.  I have been a bit hurt that she would not call and update me and have yet to call her.  I sure sound like a small kid and not an adult, but I have to admit this really hurts my feelings since they NEVER let me know what is going on with them.  As Scarlett would say, I will worry about that tomorrow!

John and I are all great!  Excited to enjoy the upcoming weekend spent together.  I even get to see my BFF on Sunday for some shopping and lunch!  I can't wait to see you Diane!

Happy Summer Everyone!