Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday - Ugh.....

Today is definitely a Monday!

I have been up all night with a fun gastric disturbance.
I think this is what is known as "too much information"!

Anyway, I decided to stay at home today - did not want to risk the issues that could have occurred had I gone into work today.  Especially since the bathroom is WAY far away from my office. 

The day was both rainy and gloomy - which for me equals a great day to stay in bed.  And I did.  I was up at 5 AM then after a few hours decided I would go back to bed - 4 hours later (yes I said 4) I awoke and found that I was finally feeling better.  Still a bit tired - either from sleeping too long or from being up every 30 minutes throughout the night.  Either way - I am glad not to be feeling yucky still.

My plans for this week include work, work and more work.  End of the month is always a busy time.  It will be a bit more busy due to the fact that my Administrator was off all last week and we will all be getting caught up.  It is nice though when things are busy (not crazy hectic), it really makes the days go by quickly.

John is keeping busy getting the house ready to sell.  I am trying to stay VERY positive that our house will sell soon.  I really want to be southern bound soon.  I do not look forward to Maine winters, although we had a very mild winter this year.  I still miss my family and the ocean so much. 

I also have a new goal for this week.  We will see how good I do.  I would like to update my blog this week each and every day.  I wonder if I will actually reach my goal.  Hmmmm.

I have decided that I also need to work on my southern charm.  I have been in Maine so long, I do not want to be considered a Northerner when I go back home.  It is time to dust off the Emily Post Etiquette Guide and work on speaking with my southern draw.  ~~I couldn't believe it but last time I spoke with my brother, he said that I have totally lost my southern accent and now sound like I was born in Maine.  I of course told him that all my friends in Maine would completely disagree with him. ~~

Wish me luck with reaching my goal - keep checking to see if I do.  Have a great week - I know I plan on it!!!!