Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 in a row...

I just spoke with my brother.  It is nice to talk to him several times each week.  We sometimes talk for hours and other times just check in with each other.  It makes me happy.  I know it was one of my mom's last wishes that we keep in contact with each other.  Today was just a short check in before he went to pick up his son Justin. 

My day was pretty good.  After being off yesterday, I was afraid that I would go into work and be bombarded with questions and things needing my attention immediately.  The department head meeting (scheduled every Tuesday) was a little over 3 hours long. But, most of the meeting was very necessary and productive.  After the meeting I ate a quick lunch sitting in front of the computer.  I was able to leave work by 5:30.

When I arrived home, John had gone to the grocery store and had a beautiful "big" salad started for me.  I love the "big" salad!  For snack tonight - tons of fresh fruit!  I can't wait.

I tend to eat so much better in the summer when the food is fresh and so much more flavorful. I also tend to eat better if I have veggies and fruits ready to eat in the fridge.  How wonderful to come home and John has already gotten everything set and ready to eat!
 John prior to going up Mt. Washington by train.

The rest of the week should be great weather.  I am hoping to be able to hop on the lawn tractor before the grass gets too high.  It has rained just enough each day to make it impossible to mow.  I love driving that tractor.  I will have to get a picture of me mowing and post it soon!