Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is the weekend already over?

This weekend has gone by so fast!  I didn't even get anything done.  Lately I feel as if  I just begin to relax and enjoy the weekend when it is time to start getting ready for the work week.  Blahhhhhhhh.  I am so not ready for Monday.  If I only had one or two more days!

I did get to see my BFF - Diane on Friday.  We went to our favorite restaurant and also got to have a great blab fest!  It is so nice having her home.  It is different for me having her here and talking face to face instead of on the phone.  She bought me a wonderful present for Christmas 2009 - a camera for my computer so we could keep in touch while she is gone.  She reminded me that I only used it once while she was gone - I guess there is no replacement for the real thing.

Today, John and I went out for breakfast and then went for some target practice.  I love shooting and get a kick out of actually doing good!  My hand is a little sore, but I did have fun.  It is fun just having time to spend alone with John.

I am going to send positive thoughts for this week at work - it has been way too stressful lately with so much going on.  Not knowing if the company is going to be sold, and if it is - will I even have a job.  Then I multiply that by more than 100 since the staff is not sure what is going to happen either.  Positive thoughts - Positive thoughts!  I only hope it works!