Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beautiful Movie

We just watched a BEAUTIFUL
"Feel Good" movie!!!
Waltzing Anna
I love this movie! 

The unscrupulous Dr. Charlie Keegan is a partner in a 
New York City medical practice that thrives on the 
bureaucracy of the insurance system and naivet√© of 
its elderly patients. However, whenever caught, 
Charlie's lawyer is unable to prevent the medical 
board from reprimanding him. For six months, he is 
forced to work in an upstate nursing home--Shady Pines. 
Charlie wanted to do his time and get out. Instead, his 
new patients and an unexpected romance with the 
compassionate nurse Jill, transform him into a
sympathetic man who fights for the care and 
protection of the people he once neglected.

If you get a chance to see this - DO!!
This movie is good for the soul.